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Orlando, FL

About Jack D. King, P.A.

You should know that I have not been an attorney all my working life. Some attorneys are only familiar with working in the legal field. Not me.

In fact, some of my other work experiences have helped me to better understand what you may be experiencing in your life. That is one really good distinction I have when considering an attorney for representation. Having walked the same path you may be in, or having a similar experience is, in my view, invaluable when considering the intricacies of a legal issue and thinking about obtaining the services of an attorney, and who to hire as your attorney.

Briefly, as for my work history, immediately after graduating from college I entered the United States Marine Corps 93rd Officer Candidate Course at the U. S. Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia. Upon completion of the grueling course I was commissioned a Second Lieutenant as a U. S. Marine Corps Officer. Next, I entered The Basic School at another location on the same base. Here, young lieutenants learn all aspects to being a Marine Officer. The training and education encompasses thoroughly the requirements demanded of a platoon and company commander, training and education as to all aspects to performance as a United States Marine Corps Officer, as well as the social graces expected and demonstrated by Marine Officers always.

After completing The Basic School, I was assigned to the United States Naval Flight School, Marine Air Training Support Group, Naval Air Station Pensacola, Pensacola, Florida where I underwent flight training. As might be expected, this difficult course was extremely demanding, rigorous, and challenging. I was trained in both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, and was designated a Naval Aviator upon the successful completion of the flight program.

Marine Air Group 29 was my next assignment where I flew the U. S. Marine Corps AH-1T/Tow Cobra attack helicopter. Flying a Marine Corps Cobra Attack Helicopter aboard aircraft carriers day/night, all weather, firing all onboard weapons with precision, training, instructing including advanced flight simulators, and performing duties assigned were part of my routine. I also completed several other military schools including the U. S. Naval Intelligence School at the Naval Surface Force Atlantic, Landing Force Training Command, Little Creek Naval Base, U. S. Navy, Norfolk, Virginia.

I served in the United States Marine Corps and Reserves for eleven years, was promoted to the rank of Major, and was also recalled to active duty for Operation Desert Storm in 1991. I might add that I took a military competency exam to obtain and obtained a FAA certification as a commercial/commercial instrument pilot.

As a civilian, I worked for Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Corporation, as an area manager in Charlotte, N.C. I visited Chevrolet dealerships, met with customers, participated in arbitrations, and performed office assignments, among other duties within the Charlotte Zone that covered N.C., S.C., parts of VA. and GA. One really good perk there: I drove a new Chevrolet that I ordered to specifications for 3,000 miles and then got a new Chevrolet that I had previously ordered. That was part of the job, a new car or truck always, every three-thousand miles with no costs for gasoline, car washes, or any other associated costs. In addition to working for Chevrolet Motor Division, during that time I went to night school and earned a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA).

Later, I also worked for my father-in-law in land development. He purchased and developed land. He also had heavy equipment that I learned to operate. We looked at lots of properties for potential development in the Charlotte area and developed land to sale and also for other entities as well as contracting all kinds of grading work. I learned extensively about land development, land use, environmental issues, permitting, road usage, working with equipment operators, negotiating, purchase and sales, etc. I obtained my NC Real Estate Broker’s license (which I still have) and a NC General Contractors License (R).

Land development is tricky in my view because it depends heavily on the condition of the economy as to profits or potential losses. During the last downturn I decided to pursue other interests, even though land development can be and was very lucrative.

At that point I decided to go to law school. I have been interested in law since during college taking business law courses but never had an inkling to pursue law as a career until later in my life. However, when I did decide to go to law school I needed to earn a living to support my family during that time. I was able to start law school at night and work as a teacher during the day. While in law school, I also went back to college and earned twenty-one semester hours required to obtain my Florida certified teacher’s certificate. Many semesters I also took twelve semester hours in law school while working full time, attending college taking education courses, keeping my family together and supported, completing tasks at home, and adhering to my faith including regularly attending church. I also obtained a Florida real estate license (which I still have) while still in law school and taking college courses required to obtain my teaching certificate while attending to my responsibilities as a husband and dad.

As an attorney, I have experienced varied and different legal matters in helping clients remedy legal matters. I have experience in trials, mediations, arbitrations, depositions, discovery, and other related legal matters.

I truly am interested in helping others. That’s me and my work life, and if you have any questions that I may be able to answer, please call me.


Jack D. King, Esquire